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Neurological Disorders


When you have a neurological disorder, this can affect your brain and nervous system, and ultimately your physical and mental health. Examples of neurological disorders are:

  • migraines, head injury, seizure disorders, stroke, nerve injury, pain syndrome, spinal cord injury, vertigo and balance disorders.

If you (or your child) appear to have a neurological disorder, Dr. Roch will conduct a thorough neurologic examination to determine any area of the nervous system that requires treatment.  This exam may include a comprehensive review of your physical health, discussion of any past trauma, a visual assessment, an interactive metronome assessment, and vestibular testing, to develop a plan for the most effective treatment. 

Rehabilitation for Neurological disorders may include:

  • chiropractic adjustment to improve the function of the spine or nervous system
  • oxygen therapy
  • visual and auditory (sound) therapy, including Videonystagmography (VNG) diagnostic testing
  • optokinetic, vestibular and stabilization activities
  • sensory motor rehabilitation
  • stimulative exercises targeted to specific areas of the brain and body (eye movement exercises, cognitive exercises, activities to increase oxygen supply such as breathing exercises, activities to improve the vestibular system, such as balance exercises)
  • vitamin therapy and nutritional suggestions to enhance brain and body function, without the use of drugs

Dr. Roch will discuss your individualized plan to ensure you are aware of the improvements you can expect over time.  He may also recommend additional tests with your health care provider to ensure he has all of the information required to assess your needs.

While having a neurological problem can be traumatic, distressful, or painful, chiropractic neurologists are very successful in making significant improvements to the health of your brain function, nervous system, and overall health and well-being.  Dr. Dan’s expertise in this field means that your health is in good hands.     

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